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Book One

Book Two Has Become A Seven Article Course

Freedom Packet
Created 2013
In this course several things are discussed & many truths are brought to light:

1.   Sovereignty, what it really is and how you still have it today and how you have been fooled into thinking it is gone.
2.   Freedom, what is it really, what happened to it and why.
3.   What needs to be changed in order to live life in peace.
4.   How the population has been fooled.
5.   Where is your power going to and why?
6.   The root cause of crime and who are the real terrorists.
7.   How to live as a Sovereign again.
8.   Optional, Forms. Included as a free bonus is our E-Book “Once Upon A Time There Was No Money” A book about Sovereignty and freedom, freedom from oppression and tyranny caused by the system of governance of a world of ever encroaching control, taxation malice and flat out thievery upon mankind. 206 pages.There is a second bonus set of files you also won't want to miss with some of the very latest information about the UCC.

This course is a seven part series with included optional forms for filing for your Sovereignty that will delve into these topics and reveal the truth about each one and how to make appropriate changes to effect positive change in not only your personal world but also the world at large. For change in the world at large you really need do nothing other than change your mindset and be a positive example to others.

As the real truths are brought to your awareness you will begin to see the world in a whole new light with a renewed sense of self. You will see the real darkness of the corporate governments and how you and all others are enslaved and controlled by the so called leaders of people as a whole. You will make decisions in a different way and you will be more self-aware by the time you finish all seven sections. The forms are optional for those that wish to do legal notice to the world of a new understanding between self and the corporate world. Again these are optional and they may or may not work for you in a legal sense. They have been used by others to successfully throw off the legal entrapping's of the current legal system. Throughout these pages you WILL read some seemingly redundant phrases and paragraphs. This is not by actual design but rather more a teaching aid of repetitiveness to engrain the truth into the washed out minds of men.

This packet barely scratches the surface of the entire goings on in a very complex world. Everyone's little corner of there world is different than the next guys.

The folder with “Sovereign Files” has additional study materials that are suggested educational materials. The declaration of Sovereignty is in this folder.


The cost for this program packet is $310 Use this link to go to the shopping cart where you can select this for purchase.