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More Indepth Info
Once Upon A Time There Was No Money

Editorial Reviews

ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS NO MONEY is a book advocating non-force means to circumvent monetary and governmental institutions so that people may eventually become freed from money's effects on humanity.  The information is delivered in that of a futuristic classroom narrative where students learn about money and its institutions from what would be their historical perspective.

The spiritual messages about energy, belief and evolution are strongly written and timely, in that humanity is creating and consuming this information at record rates.  The vision for the future (largely communicated through the classroom dialogues) is a clearly articulated statement of possibility for what can be when equity is established through the elimination of money; the imagination of possibility is ultimately what creates change.


This is a book that was written to offer an alternative to the way life has become in our present reality dealing with money and excessive control. It is so bad today that it is impossible to know whom one can trust. Money controls everything in life today. Remember our history where American Indians did not use money. They lived very peacefully until they started to trade with other tribes but especially with the white man. After that their life style was ripped apart. Since money is the root of all evil as we all know, it only makes sense to get rid of it for a better way where everyone will be living for their personal growth without the burdens of the financial arena of life, rather than always striving to obtain money just to maintain. This book has a  progression from the everyday mundane of today to the not so mundane of a future way of a people (our offspring) sometime in the 23rd century.  It also compares us to them in ways we cannot see ourselves just as the forest cannot be seen through the trees.

This story is set in a high school sociology history classroom that is looking back on our present day,  as our time would be their history. It compares a society that uses money to the future society that no longer uses money as the driving force of existence.  It compares the life styles of the future and the now in terms of control and the effects money has on us all in the today.

From the future classroom perspective of their past, (which is our present), the story gives probable future scenarios in the world of money and how it affects the everyday life of us all in current time. For us today it is an interesting book to read in ways most people do not think of or are even remotely aware of in the use of money. There are many little known legal facts revealed on how money is used against everybody in our world and what is still being done to the people in the current time of today. The book gives a comparison between the current world of corruption and money and new a grander and gentler world without money where all live as equals with each other. The future is one of expansion of the mind and soul instead of the pocketbook.

A must read for everybody since everybody uses money. This book gives current day money facts about the banking system and government the average reader is very likely to be totally unaware of in ones life. It tells what is really going on behind the scenes and the psychological effects of what this means to YOU, and most importantly a cure for the problems at hand. The cure is far reaching in all areas of life. Reading this book will show how this is possible and it will awaken the mind to new possibilities. The message this book conveys is from a higher source of wisdom and compassion.


[Self-Improvement: Spirituality] There are many reasons I can suggest that you read the book entitled "Once Upon A Time There Was No money" Nevertheless, the best reason is you.

I say this with all honesty. You are the one that is loosing your freedoms to the ever-demanding systems of the world. For example, the new laws that are now coming into play worldwide are taking our preventative health measures away from us completely. There is a situation called CODEX that is a worldwide system, which the United states has become a member of in recent years. This CODEX has been taking away the availability to purchase vitamins in stores. They want to make very low-grade vitamins a prescription drug that requires a trip to your doctor for a prescription just get the vitamins you already buy over the counter now.

This model is already happening in Germany and soon to be here in the US.

Now the really good reason to read this book is to take your power back from all the systems laws and the worlds asinine situations and stand on YOUR own two feet and take care of yourself as you know to do better than some foreign or even our own domestic government.

You know they are only doing this for the MONEY and further control over a greater amount of the population.

Man is the one that created everything we have in this world, good or bad. Man created Government and laws; both are fictional character like a cartoon, meaning they are not living entities like humans. Now the bad thing here is that some bad or misguided humans we will call bad apples have gotten into government and the legal systems and started to control people in some rather negative ways while they called what is best for the people, as if a bad apple can really tell what is best for another of gods creation.

These bad apples found it was very easy to guide and control others in any way the saw fit. They found it to be very profitable to stray off their intended path of taking care of what the people allowed them to handle and start making laws that were self serving and detrimental to the population. This has escalated in today's society to an extent that is very destructive to the average man or woman via excessive laws, taxation, government created wars, steeling from the citizens of its own country like condemning their land just so the government or big business can have the land of that citizen for free The list goes on for ever and ever in how the governments have taken so much away from the citizens that in the first place gave the government a small task to perform for them, and that was to defend our shores from attacks from outside.

They are so out of control today that it is impossible to know where to begin to correct the problems. There is no way to stop this monster. There has never been a society in any history ever that has had a good for the people government that ever lasted. Corruption and greed always gets the best of people in the system and it always goes bad. People are not the ones that start wars, this is always done by governments who then expect it's people to go fight and die over the war the government started, which the people had nothing to do with starting. Oh yes the governments always come up with ways to get the people into and behind the act of war when in fact the people did not start or would have ever started on their own on either side of the conflict. People are dying in the name of their country for a fictional character that is at this time in history not even of their creation in the first place. That fiction is self-serving and self perpetuated now that it is so out of control.

Reading this book will give you a revised respective on a great many things around the world. It will give you a new way of interacting with the bad and worsening situations that are encroaching upon you at an ever greater pace and with ever greater control over every aspect of your life to the point of total annihilation of your identity and ability to move about the world freely.

To put this in very simple terms:
We created this fictional system and now that fictional system is controlling us.

Another item and reason to take your power back is the very small micro chip from Motorola that is being test marketed in China at this time for use in the US at a future date. It is a rice sized chip that will be injected into the right hand on the backside, this chip will store everything about you, with your bank account info etc. You will scan your hand at the grocery store, Airports etc. The chip will track your every movement via satellite anywhere in the world.


NOW IS THAT SOMETHING YOU WANT IN YOUR RIGHT HAND. I KNOW I DON'T. This chip could get hit by something or just malfunction as all computers do and decide to inject the poison at any time, or the controllers of this chip could decide they want to have some fun and just kill of some people one day.



The suggested book is not about government, it is not about fighting for your rights in the legal systems, it is not about a restructuring of the already overbearing systems that are steeling your freedoms, it is not about any of the tried and failed items that so many have lost their way trying to accomplish against the systems of the world.

It is all about the latest information from the higher sources that are NOW instructing us in a harmless way to recapture our God given freedoms without raising a finger. It is about returning to the core LOVE within and re-igniting that which was meant to be for humans in the physical world. It's about becoming who you truly are again and living the way it was intended from the beginning. Who better than the creator itself to instruct us on how to get out of the troubles we humans have gotten ourselves into.

Find this book HERE

Joseph Clark has for many decades studied the teachings of spirit as closely as possible by going to many spiritual channels of direct communication with the higher realms. He has made some highly intuitive discoveries between the world of men and the higher frequencies where we all came from. Some of these newest understandings are brought through his first book, which can easily be purchased on this site. Further, the many deep revelations experienced have given him a new way of dealing with the hectic world at large.

By us continually taking and using what the system says (I.E. Money) we must do, we are continually enslaving ourselves to them and to money. Look at all those people out there that are constantly striving to get more money. Look at all those that are entrapped in the systems cycles of ups and downs. Look at all those people that are in very deep debt with car payments, house mortgages, credit cards debts, college tuition's and student loans and on and on. Most people are in debt so deep they could not pay it off for yet another lifetime to come, they will not get out of debt in this lifetime.

All this is because we use MONEY the very thing that the system tells us to use. Where does the money come      from? It comes from the system. So, what does that do to you when you accept the systems money? It enslaves you to the workings and stresses of a system that only takes from its victims (YOU) all the time. You have accepted this burden and now you live under its constant stress and manipulation of YOU.

Authors Bio
The author is a very spiritually minded and has a wide range of diverse worldly experiences over the past 5 decades. He has walked in many shoes from an average Joe to a business owner and currently is the author of books dealing with human evolution, now and in the future of all humanity. He has for the past 14 years intensely studied the world of the divine and the correlation of people currently in physical biology and the relation of the human to the higher aspects of their existence in the physical world. From an early age he was drawn by a sense of an inner direction toward the metaphysical and divine interaction of people to the higher realms of understanding. This was activated through his personal guides that kept leading him to new off world understandings. He has had many personal experiences of the divine existence within himself from out of body experiences to dealing with the drudgery of the 3rd dimensional world at hand and has learned to link the two together in what we call the practical real world. He was informed by spirit that himself along with some others would write some of the books for the people that are ready to awaken now and also for the future generations to help all understand our destined evolutionary path as it should be.