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We offer Spiritual Books to fill the spirit, mind and soul with the wondrous energies of a higher vibrational frequency.
Have you ever read a book that made a profound difference in your life?
Books can do just that, Especially Spiritual Books. They can show us a way out of the places we
often get ourselves into, they can offer comfort and clarity when none can be found elsewhere.
Books are the written word experiences of others offered for the rest of us to grasp.
Those experiences of others that have already gone through a troubling or glorious time and have, made it available to others simply allows you the readers to enlighten yourself and change your life for the better with a greater understanding of yourself. These words can show the way in times when the lights are dim or uplift you when you just want or need something more in your own world.

Through the metaphor of a story, this book speaks of the dramas of the earth that all seem to be ensnared in, and then it speaks of the solution to these dramas for you the reader to capture and use to escape from and leave them behind. It is very easy to put down these dramas with a proper understanding of them, especially when you are ready to let them fall away from your life.

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There is much going on behind the scenes both in our physical reality of the money provided to us from the banking systems and government and again on the invisible realms of the spiritual worlds beyond our everyday senses of this plane of existence. This book is a study of the things going on and a first step look into the spiritual realms and there input about our understanding against theirs when it comes to money and our insistence and dependence on it. A primer to an understanding that can lead the reader to a whole new level of understanding about ones own relationship to the world at large and ones personal interaction to it regarding money. The higher realms did not create money and all the control brought about on earth by the use of it, instead it was man who created money and made that made all the requirements we have that control us all when it comes to using money. This book offers a new understanding from an off world perspective where money is not a part of society, which is about our age-old use of money, while at the same time offering a transition to a higher awareness of the self in a refreshing new way regarding our personal use of money between the self and the world that surrounds us. Money is a necessity but struggling with it is not, the understanding of a greater perspective is all one needs to be able to see the world and your ability to gain prosperity in a more effortless manner.

The information contained in Once Upon A Time There Was No Money is taking the world by storm and giving the readers a NEW PERSPECTIVE from a wiser source other than mans own mind. This is spiritual information unlike any other dealing with the worlds monetary systems. You will not find this information in any other book spiritual or not.

A Book About Money
You will find answers about MONEY that you would not expect.
A delightful story and a revealing twist about what is behind the scenes, and what lies ahead for humanity.

Thought Creates Reality Even When It Comes To Money
Read What Has Been Told To Us By A Source Far
Wiser Than Mans Current Understandings.
Where are we going on the wheels of evolution and why.

People all over the world are awakening to an understanding of the inner self in relation to the world
of government and big corporate business that has taken a great toll on humanity in so many ways.
People are waking up, turning around and making a pleasant difference in their own world by making a simple change of perspective from within in relation to the demanding outer world that seems to be working so diligently to take so much from the men and women of this world.
It doesn't take much to see the world in a new light and with a refreshed understanding from a higher perspective. Help from the yearnings that may be stirring within you, is right at your fingertips, just a few clicks away until you have a book in your hands that can fill your mind and senses with new understandings for the mind and all the wonders of the highest realms of the spirit within. Understanding the proper use of money and how it affects you and those around you will bring a greater peace within your world.

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Once Upon
A Time
There Was
No Money